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讲座题目: Persistence of the steady planar normal shock structure in 3-D unsteady potential flows

讲座摘要: We mainly talk about the dynamic stability of the steady 3-D wave structure of a planar normal shock front intersecting perpendicularly to a planar solid wall for unsteady potential flows. The stability problem can be formulated as a free boundary problem of a quasi-linear hyperbolic equation of second order in a dihedral-space domain between the shock front and the solid wall. The key difficulty is brought by the edge singularity of the space domain, the intersection curve between the shock front and the solid wall. This talk is based on a joint work with Professor Beixiang FangProfessor Feimin Huang, and Professor Wei Xiang.



嘉宾简介肖峰20197月于香港城市大学获博士学位,中科院国家数学与交叉科学中心从事博士后。20218月加入湖南师范大学数学与统计学院并担任讲师。主要从事流体力学中可压缩流体高维激波稳定性理论以及双曲型方程适定性理论的研究,相关研究结果已在SIAM J. Math. Anal.期刊发表。




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